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Term of payments

Company will confirm delivery time and term of payments before delivery 1-2 business days, customer can pay to Containy Company Limited by 3 channels are

1. Cash payment to deliverer

- Cash payment to deliverer upon delivery of the products has been completed
- Prepare to meet cash balance to be paid

2. Transfer directly to bank account

- Deposit or full amount of payment in advance at least 1 days before shipping date
- Customer are responsible for transfer fees
- Must inform to company at all times after transfer completed

Bank Branch Account number Account type Account name
TMB Central Plaza West Gate 273-100-2735 Current account Containy Co., Ltd.
KBANK Central Plaza West Gate 002-389-5307 Saving account Containy Co., Ltd.
BAY Central Plaza West Gate 778-106-3657 Saving account Containy Co., Ltd.

Payment confirm

After transfer is completed, please kindly send the proof of payment to this email containy@gmail.comor call 02-197-6595 Please specify time and date, amount, and order items all times. Once we receive the proof of payment, we will continue manufacture and distribute the products immediately

3. Cheque

- Pay by cheque to deliverer upon delivery of the products has been completed
- Payable by specify to Containy Company Limited
- Date on cheque and due date must be the same date