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  • Industrial plastic crate
    Very Strong
    Have various size for customer's requirement to suitable for packaging
    from small to large size production of high quality plastic, flextiblity, durable,
    and unbreakable
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  • Manufacturer and Distributor
    More over 200,000 pieces in stock
    High quality and reasonable price guarantee
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  • partition & corrugate box order
    Production to meet the size and pattern of customer's requirement
    Special size corrugate box to match customer's particular model
    partition for categorize, and anti-scratch, or prevent damage
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  • Bucket & Crate, Waste Bin, etc.
    Various plastic package
    Quality products is directly from manufactory
    please kindly contact us for further information
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Distributor of plastic box and plastic packages

Distribute the products to retailer and wholesaler from manufactory

Manufacturer and distributor plastic packages to retailer and wholesaler with special price from manufactory and directly to customer without intermediary and guarantee customer can compete with their competitors

More durable and high quality

Our packaging is designed to be used in industry. special extra thick plastic for durable, and long time using

Products in stock for immediately delivery all over the country

More over 200,000 pieces in stock to retailer and wholesaler with immediately delivery. Free shipping for order within conditional required


For quotation and further information, please kindly contact 02-197-6595 or containy@gmail.com

Distribute, design, manufacture plastic crates

We distribute various size package of plastic crate for supply, equipment, raw material, and parts from large industry to household equipment, and can be superimposed. Furthermore, production of high quality plastic can produce durable goods, flexibility, easy to clean, and reasonable price

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For ordering and further information, please kindly contact 02-197-6595 or containy@gmail.com

Check stock and Payment

Deposit or full of payment for immediately delivery, in case of new product or manufacturing order will take up 7 business days

Delivery or Receive products at our factory

Customer can receive products at our factory for rush or sample workpiece, company will provide special discount

Our clients

Our products are used in many famous companies and industries. Thank you for reliance